Thursday, November 24, 2016

Look Like a Korean Lips

I was a lipstick enthusiast at about one year ago since when my friend and I have a vacation, then she told me to buy lipstick to make a fabulous look not the pale face. Since that day I have collected a lot of lipstick hehehe. I love nude lipstick literally, although nude lipstick not famous as today. Some of my friend comment like "Are you sick?" "You look pale " when they wear red lipstick. Someday I'll show you my lipstick collection.

Some of fashion bloggers do their make up tutorial about The Korean look. I not expert wear make up actually , but I have a tips for you to make your lips to be a Korean look. To make your lips like a your bias. I have 3 lipsticks to make it with my version actually and here it is 

MAC Lipstick Shade Kinda Sexy and Taupe

Bourjois Shade Frambourjoise

1. Swatch MAC shade kinda sexy than swatch bourjois on the inner of your lips and make an "A" movement to make it naturally.
2. If MAC shade kinda sexy make a bad gradation you can tap tap MAC shade taupe to make your lips more fabulous.
3. VOILA you can look like your bias only at about 5 minutes, right?

you can adjust Bourjois if you want to make it more fabulous

Its my tips for you to make a Korean Look, you have other tips? Please comment below.....


  1. Use the cheaper lipstick I guess :D mihil deh borjois dan MAC itu T_T

    Anyway, salam kenal :)

    1. Wah ada rekomendasi lipstik kah mbak? Mbak pakai apa supaya swatchnya sama hehe :D

      Salam kenal juga ya :)