Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Prepare Job Test

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I'll give you a tip how to prepare job test. I take a job test cause its not specifically in the recruitment process its just what I do to make my job test better than later. As a Gen Y, some of you really dislike to bring a heavy book everywhere or to find a theory that related to your concerns about. So its why I'll give you a tip how to prepare job test. Check it out

Play Store

1. Download Pauli
You can download Pauli application on the Play Store. You can practice how to calculate number as fast as possible with the time that you want and the end of time you can see the diagram result.

2. Download Structure for Practice

You can download this application on the Play Store. In this application you can find a many of test groups for practice or for test. If you choose to practice at that time you can find which the true answer also the explanation. Make sure that you train yourself minimum two group of the question groups.

3. Download Reading Comprehension
The third application is Reading Comprehension. Same with Structure for Practice, you can find some of question banks that you should have done. With this application, you can add new vocab and can train you to finish the test as fast as possible.

App Store

I'm very sorry that I cant find Pauli or Kraeplin Application on App Store but maybe you can practice by print the test. FYI, you can find it by googling.

1. Reading Comprehension Prep

Its one of reading comprehension test application that you can find at the App Store. About how to doing the test as its simple as like the other.

2. TOEFL Grammar Test Pro

On the App Store there are a some of the similar applications that can help you to do a practice to upgrade your competence. If you can solve more question than yesterday its a big step for you to make your dream come true.

So guys that application very recommended for you to upgrade your competence also to make you can do the test as well as possible. Its very work for me and I hope also for you...

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